HVAC Air Filtration Products…
Specialists in all manner of HVAC filtration products. Including conventional ASHRAE
rated filters, special non-standard or unique size filters, and HEPA filters.
New Construction Products …
Roto Aire provides quality filter frames, housings, and hardware for conventional HVAC
applications as well as HEPA, clean room, and other specialty projects.
Dust Collection…
Roto Aire offers a wide selection of quality OEM and replacement dust collection filters.
Including cartridges and bags for all types of dust collection systems.

ROTO Aire, Your Total Air Filter Source


                  Roto Aire – Your Reliable Source For Quality Air Filtration Products.


Since its’ inception in 1962, Roto Aire Distributors has been providing quality air filtration products and indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to mechanical contractors, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers throughout British Columbia, and abroad.

Roto Aire is a wholly owned and operated company of the BC Air Filter group of companies since 2012.

With a reputation for having some of the shortest lead times and highest quality products, Roto Aire remains focused on providing the right air filtration solution at the right price for all our customers, regardless of size.



#2 - 1455 Brigantine Drive. Coquitlam BC, Canada. V3K 7C2   Toll Free:  877-946-7686 Local : 604 525-6100 Local Fax : 604 525-6111

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