ROTOAire is a proud distributor partner of Glasfloss filtration products. Glasfloss is proud to be a family operated and oriented business working with distributor partners to serve customer requirements.

Disposable Panel Filters

ra-pr-dpf-01 The Glasfloss GDS disposable panel filter features an innovative, reinforced, “double strut” construction for excellent durability and performance in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

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Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

ra-pr-replace-01 Glasfloss Air Cleaner Replacement Filters offer convenient alternatives when replacement of the original filter is necessary

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Z-Line Pleated Series Filters

ra-pr-zline-01 All Glasfloss Z-Line pleated filters feature fibers which do not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.

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Mini Pleat Filters

ra-pr-minipleat-01 Glasfloss mini-pleat filters are ideal for applications requiring high efficiency.

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Rigid Cell Filters

ra-pr-rigidcell-01 Glasfloss Rigid Cell Filters are produced with fiberglass media and 100% synthetic fibers for commercial and industrial applications.

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ASHRAE and HEPA Grade Rigid Cell Filters

ra-pr-ashraehepa-01 Glasfloss Magna Series are designed for commercial and industrial applications requiring high efficiency.

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Quad Cube Filters

ra-pr-quad-01 The Glasfloss line of polyester bag filters offers medium efficiency in a wide range of applications.

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Extended Surface Bag Filters

ra-pr-extendedsurface-01 Glasfloss extended surface bag filters are constructed with media fibers to meet a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications Continue Reading

Poly Rings, Sleeves and Links

ra-pr-polyrings-01 Glasfloss Phoenix Series Poly-Rings, Sleeves and Links offer a variety of styles, multiple filtration media layers and performance levels for most applications.

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